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A Root Canal in Santa Clarita Eases Tooth Pain

Patients searching for a root canal in Santa Clarita will find that our dental center offers first-rate care, a friendly and skilled staff, and a comfortable atmosphere. At Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care, we offer a variety of dental procedures ranging from general care, including root canals, to cosmetic dentistry and advanced surgical operations.

What is a Root Canal?

In general, a root canal is a dental procedure intended to clean out infected or decaying tissues from inside of a tooth. These internal tissues, also known as the pulp, contain the inflamed nerve of the tooth, which is usually responsible for the severe or relatively mild pain patients feel in the days or weeks leading up to their procedure.

Root canals are essential in halting the spread of infection to other parts of the mouth or body. If left untreated, patients may experience severe pain and inflammation, potentially compromising their oral wellbeing and more. A root canal ultimately aims to preserve the patient’s tooth while providing gentle relief.

Contrary to the exaggerated reputation that root canals are extremely painful, for most patients there is little to no discomfort involved in the procedure because of the thoughtful use of local anesthesia and the fact that the nerve is removed during the procedure. We promise you that this is a case where the cure is much better than the disease; toothaches hurt like the dickens but root canals, properly performed, are generally no worse than getting a filling or other simple oral health procedures.

Find Relief for Your Tooth Pain Today

Patients suffering from tooth pain or discomfort, and possibly in need of a root canal, are encouraged to reach out to our office via our contact page or by calling the number on this screen.

Whatever the concern, Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care has been serving the area’s dental needs for decades, setting an unparalleled standard of care. Call us today or visit our contact page.

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