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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Different Types of Teeth Whitening

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening treatments are typically the first thing that comes to mind.

It’s no wonder so many patients seek out whitening treatments. Most of us are regular consumers of at least one of the culprits most often responsible for stained teeth; coffee, tea, wine, sodas, and chocolates are just a few of the staples many of us feel we can’t live without. However, like it or not, they can wreak all havoc on tooth enamel and cause unsightly discoloration and staining. Naturally, patients want a surefire way to improve the look and luster of their natural teeth. But when it comes to teeth whitening, a cosmetic dentist has more than one arrow in their quiver.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For most patients, different types of in-office and take-home bleaching treatments are the best option because they can effectively brighten a patient’s natural teeth through a short, painless procedure or an easy-to-manage home regimen. There are a number of methods and the best option can vary by patient but it often includes the application of a teeth whitening gel designed to break down the stains that cause tooth discoloration.

Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers

In some cases, a patient’s teeth may not respond especially well to traditional teeth whitening methods. This can occur for many reasons, stains left by certain medications can be very tough to get rid of and sometimes tooth discoloration is so severe that ordinary methods simply aren’t strong enough.

Fortunately, patients still have options for a beautiful smile as dental veneers and/or crowns can hide unsightly teeth behind a dental prosthetic that functions and looks just like natural teeth while also offering additional protection.

Cosmetic Dentistry in the Santa Clarita Valley

Here at Santa Clarita Dental Care, you can expect your very best Hollywood smile personalized to bring the best in your appearance – all courtesy of some of the finest dentists and oral healthcare professionals in Southern California.

If you’re interested in learning more about teeth whitening procedures, our dental office has been servicing patients from throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond for decades! For more information, view our contact page or call the number on your screen.

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