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Root Canal

Root Canal in Santa Clarita

If you are seeking root canal dentistry in Santa Clarita, we’re here to help. A root canal may be an intimidating prospect, especially for patients who may not be always fond of dental visits in the first place. Here at Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care, we’re happy to say that the procedure’s fearsome reputation is greatly exaggerated when performed properly; moreover, we use the best of modern medicine to ensure that this time-tested procedure is comfortable and its benefits are lasting.

At Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care, we like to make sure all of our patients feel relaxed and welcome, and above all else, leave our clinic feeling much better. Our dentists are experts in their fields and together we proudly serve patients from Canyon Country, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, Valencia, and the surrounding areas.

Root Canal Procedure

A root canal – or in less colloquial terms, an endodontic treatment – is a procedure in which a dentist extracts infected or dead tissue from the interior of a patient’s tooth. The purpose of this operation is threefold:

  • To stop a severe infection from spreading to other areas of the patient’s mouth or body.
  • To prevent or provide relief from what is often severe pain.
  • To preserve and repair the afflicted tooth.

It may sound alarming when we note that root canal procedure removes the nerve of the tooth; however, patients can rest easy knowing that the only sensation they will be losing is heat or cold sensitivity for that specific tooth. Removing the nerve and pulp does not impact the function of the tooth.

What should be alarming, however, is ignoring the symptoms that call for a root canal procedure. Infected and/or decaying tissue in the pulp of a tooth can lead to extremely painful abscesses in the surrounding tissue. Severe swelling and bone loss near the tip of the root of the tooth are also possible. If you are suffering from severe tooth pain or swelling related to your mouth, we encourage you to reach and get in touch with one of our Santa Clarita endodontists as quickly as possible. Ignoring these symptoms can too often lead to some pretty severe consequences.

Root Canal Recovery

Most patients undergoing a root canal can expect to resume their normal lives the day following their procedure, depending on the severity of the initial circumstances. It is reasonable to expect some pain and sensitivity following the procedure, but these typically subside in a matter of days. Over-the-counter painkillers are usually sufficient in dealing with this discomfort

Some patients may not have a permanent filling installed until a later date. In these cases, it is highly recommended that patients avoid favoring the affected tooth as temporary fillings can be considered relatively fragile. Damaging a temporary filling could be detrimental to the healing process and will likely necessitate an additional appointment.

Getting Started at Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care

For more information about endodontic care, please visit our contact page or call the number on the top of your screen.

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