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Your Gums, Your Teeth, Your Body, and You

Many people who wouldn’t think of skipping a check-up with their family doctor may tend to put off going to the dentist. We get it, life in beautiful but busy Santa Clarita can be hectic. The truth is, however, that the health of your gums and teeth and your overall health and well-being are all intertwined. That’s as important as it gets.

How Strong is the Connection Between the Health of Gums and Teeth?

Our gums are where our teeth live, so people tend to intuitively understand that they are closely related. They might not, however, grasp the potential seriousness of periodontal illnesses and the importance of gum treatments to stop them. If gingivitis is allowed to progress to its more serious sibling, periodontitis, it can be increasingly painful as well as more difficult – and costly – to address. Moreover, it can lead to the loss of one or more teeth. Do not ignore such telltale signs of periodontitis as bad breath (halitosis) and bleeding gums – even a slightly pink toothbrush is cause for concern. Call a dentist immediately if you see these symptoms as they can be signs of fairly advanced gum diseases.

What are the Most Common Treatments to Halt Gum Diseases?

Root planing and scaling, more commonly referred to as deep cleaning is the usual first line of defense. If problems have progressed beyond a certain point, more involved oral surgeries may be needed. These include bone and soft tissue grafts as well as bone smoothing and guided tissue regeneration.

How Strong is the Connection Between a Healthy Smile and Overall Health?

Much stronger than you may believe. There are proven links between poor gum health and serious systemic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Moms-to-be should also note a link between premature births and low birth weight. Moreover, especially if teeth are lost due to gum disease, these problems can accelerate bone loss in the jaw which can lead to further tooth loss. It can also change the shape and appearance of the face. Physical health problems aside, missing teeth can lead to stigmatization, especially if multiple teeth are lost. Moreover, accelerating the facial aging process by changing the bone structure is not something that makes anyone feel better about themselves.

It’s important to realize that our mental and physical health are also joined at the hip – health and happiness reinforce each other.

What Can be Done for People with Tooth Loss?

Fortunately, the most extreme outcomes can be prevented even if tooth loss has occurred. The first priority is to replace missing teeth. Traditional dentures and bridgework are definitely better than leaving toothless areas exposed. However, dental implants are widely agreed to be the best solutions — and it’s much more than a matter of cosmetics or convenience. They are the only solution for lost teeth that address bone loss — which is every bit as bad as it sounds.

What’s the Best Place to Find Good Oral Health Care in the Santa Clarita Valley?

We think our team at Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care is the best resource out there. We offer full-service, one-stop oral health shopping. Call us at the number on your screen or visit our contact page today.

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